Claims Expertise And Real Estate Audit

LEON, specialized in building expertise, does everything possible to solve your problems in the field of real estate or construction. Our independence is the guarantee of total impartiality in the handling of your claim. You notice cracks, infiltrations, moisture problems, tile or paint peeling off etc? Do you dispute the conformity of the work that a company has just carried out? Do you need advice from a prime contractor or insurance company? After an in-depth visit, a study of the technical and contractual documents, we draw up an expert report which can then be used in mediation, arbitration or legal proceedings. This report is accompanied by a complete photo file.

Do you have an acquisition or disposal project? We carry out a complete technical audit of the real estate asset including:

1- Literature review:
• Building permit – certificate of conformity
• Building plans
• Urban planning documents, cadastre, PLU
• Various technical diagnoses
• Maintenance contracts – certificates Q18 – Q4 – Q5 – Q7 etc
• List of the latest work carried out

2- Technical audit
• In-depth technical visit of the premises, roof, basements, exteriors
• Completion of the health record of the works with: observation of disorders – % deterioration of the work – level of urgency of intervention

3- Audit report
General description of the property complex with:
– Geographical and cadastral location
– Land surfaces and ground control
– Developed surfaces and allocation of premises
– Legal and administrative situation (lease, PLU, cadastre etc.)
– Descriptions and inventory of exteriors: roads, fences, green spaces, etc.
– Constructive provisions of the buildings and qualitative assessment of obsolescence
– Analysis of the apparent disorders observed: diagnosis and recommendations
– Pre-programming of the work to be planned with a lessee / lessor distribution if necessary
– Field survey sheets of the works on an Excel table with the coding of the works
– Complete report with photo file, PLU extracts, plans and any other document