Climate Fresk Training


The Climate Fresk is :

  • A playful workshop based on collective intelligence and the scientific studies of the IPCC. It was created by Cédric Ringenbach (engineer and teacher) to help understand the main mechanisms of climate change.
  • An association was created in 2018 with the aim of rapidly spreading this workshop on a large scale and, more generally, a shared understanding of climate issues and the causal links between human activity and climate change.

As a company, the Climate Fresk will enable you to engage your employees in CSR development.
The programme includes a variety of educational and interactive activities, and focuses both on the well-being of participants and on identifying levers for action.


At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:
• Understand the main cause-and-effect mechanisms of climate change;
• Master the orders of magnitude involved in climate change;
• Pass on some of this knowledge;
• Identify individual and collective levers for action within their company.

The course is given on an in-company basis, over a period of 3 hours 15 minutes, (i.e. half a day) at the times you wish.

In-company training: €1 500 excluding VAT, including preparation time and feedback time with the customer


This course is open to everyone.
This course is accessible to people with disabilities. Contact us beforehand to discuss the adaptation of the activities and materials that can be put in place.


No particular pre-requisites.

Method and means

The training can be provided on the customer’s premises or, on request, on our premises.
We provide :
• Equipped room: video projector, flip chart;
• Training aids and materials.

Number of participants

The number of participants can vary from 4 to 14.


In-company training: Please send your request to

Training Performance Rate

The course was added to the LEON catalogue in 2024.
During the Climate Fresks they have already delivered, our facilitators have collected feedback from participants and created word clouds based on this.
Below is an example of a word cloud collected from 25 students at the end of a presentation, using Mentimeter. The larger the words appear, the more they have been cited by the participants (“intéressant” = “interesting, “prise de conscience” = “raise awareness”, “instructif” = “informative”, “enrichissant” = enlightening”…).

Assessment methods

Trainees are assessed by observation and discussion throughout the course. A certificate is issued to each participant at the end of the course, with 2 possible levels:

  • A – Knowledge acquired;
  • B – Knowledge not acquired.

Training facilitators

Paul Chauvier
Paul has 5 years of experience in organising and facilitating workshops to raise awareness of ecological issues (Climate Fresk, but also Biodiversity Fresk, Digital Fresk, ’Inventing our low-carbon lives’ workshop). He is a graduate of the Master 2 ‘International Affairs and Development’ course in ‘Sustainable Development’ at Paris-Dauphine University.

Paul is passionate about passing on ecological issues. He is interested in both communication and transmission, for example via Process Communication, and the study of scientific literature at source (IPCC, IPBES, etc.).
Previously, he was head of the branch of the Water Family in Troyes (city in the Grand Est region in France), an association that raises awareness of water issues. He also produced the Greenhouse Gas Emission Balance for the city of Angers (in western France) and the Angers Loire Métropole intercommunal authority.

Christian Boileau
Christian has over 30 years of professional experience in the supply chain, as Supply Chain Director in companies like SFR, Delamaison (ADEO group) or RueduCommerce (Carrefour group). He has acquired a wealth of expertise in this field, as well as developing and delivering a number of training courses on supply chain and sustainable development issues (for example, he designed the Omnicanality training course, which is included in our catalogue).

Christian holds an engineering degree from Centrale Nantes and an MBA from Sciences Po Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies).
Over the last few years, out of passion and conviction, he has decided to refocus his career on environmental and CSR issues: he completed the CSR-DD Master’s programme at Mines de Paris and trained in Bilan Carbone® (a greenhouse gas accounting methodology developed by the ‘ABC’ association specialised in low-carbon transition) as well as in Climate Fresk.
He has also studied the mandatory regulations for companies, namely the French DPEF (for ‘Déclaration de Performance Extra Financière’, Extra Financial Performance Statement) and the new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

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