Inventory Management And Forecasting

“Inventory Management And Forecasting” Training

Inventories have the double characteristic of being, if they are low, a source of optimisation of the financial performance of the company by their direct impact on the WCR, and if they are high, an essential asset in the taking of market share, by their impact on the rate of service to customers.

The objective of this training is to understand the principles of inventory management and sales forecasting through a simulation game that reproduces the company’s functional and operational diagrams.


– Identify and understand the theory and basic mechanisms of Inventory Management and Sales Forecasting
– Understand the impact of inventory management choices on the company’s service rate and WCR
– Use a common language on inventory management and sales forecasting
– Implement the principles and mechanisms of inventory management and sales forecasting in the company


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The training takes place over one day from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break.

Inter-company: 590 €/person
Intra-company: 3900 €

26-28, rue de Londres
75009 Paris, France


Through its pedagogical approach based on a simplified simulation of the company, this training course is aimed both at company players who have to deal with operational stock management problems and at managers who are directly confronted with the financial consequences of this management and must understand all the mechanisms involved.

This training is accessible to people with disabilities. Please contact us beforehand in order to study the adaptation of the animations and supports that can be put in place.


No particular pre-requisites other than a desired knowledge of the basic principles of company operations: purchases, stocks, sales.

Method and resources

Training courses can be held at our premises.
We provide :
– Equipped room (video projector, paper board)
– Simulation games and objects representing the products
– Theoretical presentations
– Calculation of the results of the simulations on computer

Number of participants

The number of participants can vary from 6 to 16.


Inter-company registration at the latest 7 days before the course.

Further information

Trainee satisfaction rate: 98%

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