Key Performance Indicators Training (KPI)


This training course provides a good understanding of the main supply chain performance indicators and gives the tools to help implementing them.

This course harmoniously alternates theoretical presentation, practical exercises and operational examples.


At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to :
• Understand the objectives and challenges of indicators;
• Know and master the definition and calculation of indicators;
• Integrate the main prerequisites for implementing indicators.

To be defined

The training is carried out over half a day from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. for inter-company training and at the desired times for intra-company training.

Intra-company training: 1 800 € excluding tax, including preparation time and feedback time with the client.

26-28, rue de Londres, 75009 Paris, France


This course is aimed at company staff who participate in the development of performance indicators (KPIs) or who use these indicators.
This training is accessible to people with disabilities. Contact us beforehand to study the adaptation of the animations and supports that can be put in place.


No particular prerequisites other than a general knowledge of the basic principles of company operations: purchases, stocks, sales.

Method and means

The training is provided on our premises for inter-company training.
We provide :
• Equipped room: video projector, flip-chart;
• Exercises and answers;
• Theoretical training materials.

The training can also be delivered in-company at the client’s premises (or, on request, at our premises)

Number of participants

The number of participants can vary from 4 to 16.


Inter-company training: Registration on
In-company training: Please send your request to

Training Performance Rate

Satisfaction rate: 93% – This training was not delivered as a stand-alone course in 2022 and 2023.
However, it was at the heart of customised training courses designed and delivered to our customers.
The satisfaction rate for the customised training courses concerned was 93%.
Each trainee rated several criteria using a score from 0 to 4.
The sum of the scores was then compared with the maximum possible sum.
The average score given here is therefore 3.7/4.
Drop-out rate: 0% – No trainee has ever left this course during the training period.

Assessment methods

Trainees are assessed by observation and discussion, as well as by a quiz at the end of the course.
A certificate is given to each participant at the end of the course, with 3 possible levels:
A – Knowledge mastered,
B – Knowledge acquired,
C – Knowledge not acquired.


Pierre Fournet

Pierre has more than 30 years of experience in supply chain consulting and in supply chain and ERP information systems. He has been a partner in several supply chain consulting firms and has also worked for various supply chain and ERP software publishers. He has contributed to the definition and implementation of performance indicators for many clients. At the same time, he contributed to the writing of the Performance Indicators Manual published by the Institut du Commerce.

With this knowledge, he designed this pragmatic training course which he has been running for many years.

Pierre is a CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) graduate from APICS and holds a Master’s degree in Management from IAE Lyon III.

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