Assistance To The Contracting Authority

Assistance to the contracting authority (ACA) for logistics and industrial real estate projects.


The phases of the project where Assistance to the Contracting Authority is most often carried out concern all or part of its main stages:
• Project design (Pre-feasibility study, APS, APD, Project, specifications)
• Consultation and selection of companies
• Carrying out the work
• Acceptance of the work and perfect completion
LEON provides its expertise at each stage of the project, in support of the Contracting Authority. Our advice can also cover specific technical choices:
• Air conditioning systems,
• Refrigeration equipment,
• Storage equipment
LEON also assists you in the delicate phase of the acceptance of the work and the lifting of reservations. The follow-up of the perfect completion of the work over a year can be the subject of an additional mission. This is a phase that is often neglected by the Contracting Authority due to lack of time to devote to it.

A vacant site quickly becomes a wasteland if no action is taken to ensure its proper management. The management of industrial wastelands is a real black spot for project owners. These sites, often polluted and abandoned, are, like all buildings, subject to climatic hazards and must be maintained. Often the object of vandalism and victims of illegal occupation, they must also be protected against intrusion by security guards or remote surveillance. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all means are implemented to ensure the security of the site.
LEON provides you with its expertise in the management of these vacant sites and provides you with assistance in:
• Set up site security: guarding, remote monitoring, alarms, etc.
• Manage the neutralization work of the various technical installations: electrical, transformer substation, various technical equipment
• Manage the monitoring of soil (hydrocarbons) and building clean-up work (asbestos, lead, various waste to be disposed of, etc.)
• Ensure the management of the site until its sale and disposal by the Contracting Authority .