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Qualiopi Certificate

LEON has been awarded Qualiopi accreditation, for its training delivery process, by the Certification Institute I.Cert.
Qualiopi is a reliable and unique French national standard that guarantees the quality of the courses provided by training organisations.

“Beer Game” training

The Beer Game is a business game created in the 1960s by Jay Forrester, an electronics engineer, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The game, which appears to be very simple, is designed to make players aware of stock management. Inventories have the dual characteristic of being, if they are low, a source of optimisation of the company’s financial performance through their direct impact on the WCR, and if they are high, an essential asset in gaining market share, through their impact on the customer service rate.

“Inventory Management and Forecasting” training

Inventories have the double characteristic of being, if they are low, a source of optimisation of the financial performance of the company by their direct impact on the WCR, and if they are high, an essential asset in the taking of market share, by their impact on the rate of service to customers.

The objective of this training is to understand the principles of inventory management and sales forecasting through a simulation game that reproduces the company’s functional and operational diagrams.

“Omnicanal Training: how to approach from a Supply Chain point of view?” training

Omnichannel has been a subject of reflection and action in the retail industry for over 15 years. During these 15 years, the two worlds, physical distribution and e-commerce, have come closer together and today, omnichannel brings together the constraints of the two supply chains, in the interest of the end customer.

In a context that is, to say the least, chaotic and difficult (impact of pandemics, war in the vicinity, increase in energy prices, risk of gas shortages, environmental requirements, scarcity of manpower, etc.), how does omnichannel fit into this environment?

“Stocks and supplies (serious game)” training

The training is based on a serious game played in two seasons. Each team represents a company in charge of determining and implementing its stock and supply strategy for a range of five products.

The game is enriched by a presentation of the principles of stock management and procurement rules.

“Key Performance Indicators” training

This training course provides a good understanding of the main supply chain performance indicators and gives the tools to help implementing them.

This course harmoniously alternates theoretical presentation, practical exercises and operational examples.

“Understanding and Analysing a Logistics and Supply Chain Organisation” training

The training is based on the analysis of a case study: supply chain of a manufacturer distributor of office furniture.

“Climate Fresk” training

As a company, the Climate Fresk will enable you to engage your employees in CSR development.